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It’s now Feb 19th and NAMM feels like it was 8 months ago; and I’m still worn out.  Just wanted to update you all on some highlights.

Prosound Communications released a couple of new products.  From Xotic, the new Xotic Bass XJ-1T 5-string was released.  This is a Japanese built bass using America hardware like Fralin pickups, Hipshot Bridge and built right into the body our Tri-logic bass pre-amp.  Several pro bassists came by to play and had some great things to say about it; there’s was a lot of thumping going on.

Raw Vintage is now creating vintage type tremolo springs and vintage 50’s & 60’s pickups.  These are very unique products specifically design for that vintage tone and vibe.

Each of these is very unique to the industry.  Please check them out at and

Enough to the products, now the really cool stuff; Andy Timmons came by to test drive his potential new signature BB.  This BB will be unique to what Andy wanted.  Where still in the proto-typing phase, so please be patient.  But, when we complete it will come with a certificate of authenticity and Andy’s live DVD.  Pretty cool package!

One of my favorite guitarists is Phillip Sayce.  Phillip current tours with Melissa Ethridge, but has his own thing going on.  We joined him at a local club during NAMM.  Being the first time I’ve seen him play live, we’ll we were ecstatic


However, we caught a really good band prior.  Check out Merle Jaggar, they’re on Myspace and you tube.  They were a country instrumental band that just shred.  Think traditional country, but some serious speed and fingerpicking.

Back to Phillip; if his guitar would talk it would be throwing in the towel like the challenger in a Mike Tyson fight (old Mike Tyson, not the biting Tyson era).  If I had to personify his guitar, it would be compared to a small child getting an obedient beat down.  I’m not condoning child abuse, but he just whipped that thing into a roaring wail.  I ask Phillip if I got him a shirt that said, “I’m a Badass” would he wear it.  To my surprise, he said he already had one.  Go figure.

I wanted to comment on two of our products and my experience with them; the BB and BB Plus.  My current set up is a Fuchs TDS into a 4×10 cab.  Last night I used the TDS with a Dr. Z 1×12 cab and only using the BB and BB Plus in front of the amp.  The tone is the best I’ve ever heard.  The BB and BB Plus are just the best fit for that amp.  I also recently bought a Fender Super, same deal.  They just work perfectly.
Same with the Xotic guitars; almost two years ago I wrote about my new Xotic strat.  It was brown with a tortoise pick guard and a neck bigger than any Louisville Slugger I’ve seen.  That guitar is loaded with Xotic 60’s type pickups.  It has now become my #1 and replaced my beloved black xotic.  Due yourself a favor and check one out.

All product information can be found at

Please check out all of our fine artists.  Here’s some of the guys we interview at NAMM and some that were recently added.
Phillip Sayce
Andy Timmons
Howie Simon
Nick Sterling
Mike Campese
Nick Sterling
Joe Bonamassa
Matt O’Ree
Josh Smith
Dave Weiner
Rob Balducci
Scott Henderson
John Pena
Allen Hinds
Carmine Rojas

I hope I didn’t leave anybody out, they’re all great players, please help support their music.

Oh….by the way, if you have not had the chance to check out Allen Hinds live, do it.  We saw Allen at NAMM’s Bass Bash.  Allen has got to be one of the most fluid and accomplished players I’ve ever seen.  He plays with such laid back finesse.  Think of a well trained marathon who acts like it’s nothing to run 10 miles.  How relaxed he would be getting to that 10 mile with little effort.  That’s Allen.  Unbelievable how smooth and articulate he can be.  I said previous that Phillip Sayce is a Badass, Allen is just a Monster.

Now go play…….

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