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This past April me and the Xotic gang packed our wagons and headed east to Dallas, TX.  This was our first trip to Dallas and our first Dallas Guitar Show.  We had a couple of goals and expectations.  Did we meet them?  Your damn right we did!!
To save you all the exciting details, the following is a brief account of what happened.
•     Release the Andy Timmons signature BB and interview Andy – ACCOMPLISHED!!
•    Interview Johnny Hiland and here him ripped into the AC and RC pedals – ACCOMPLISHED!!
•    Meet with Eric Johnson and hand off a very secret prototype Xotic pedal – ACCOMPLISHED!!
•    Hang with Johnny A.  He’s as cool as a cucumber.  ACCOMPLISHED!!
•    Meet with Paul Reed Smith – ACCOMPLISHED!!  And yes his amps look as cool as they sound.  Yes I said it, I love the look!  No more boring tolex for me.  Hey Paul, my grandmother has these drapes that are really cool and……..
•    Tell everyone how cool the PRS amps looked – ACCOMPLISHED!!
•    Finally got to hang with my good friend Ruben V!  ACCOMPLISHED!!
•    Drank my good friends Toshio and Kiyoshi under the table with sake – no that didn’t happen.
•    Renewed my Prozac prescription as seeing all the guitars I’ll never be able to afford.
•    Learned that when a dealer says his 59 Les Paul is worth about 600, that means $600,000!
•    Didn’t call my wife to ask if I can buy…..because the answer would be a resounding NO!!
•    Heard Andy Timmons rig, again.  His sound blooms out like a massive church organ on Sunday, just so big!!!
•    Bought lottery tickets in hopes that I would win and buy a 59 Les Paul, didn’t win.
And lastly, realized how fortunate I am to be working with such incredible and talented artist, who I’ve been able to build a friendship with, my dealers who are just the coolest and my beloved boss Toshio and my good friend Kiyoshi.
The Dallas show was very cool, personal experience that I will remember for a long time.  Unlike, NAMM, this show encourages people to plug in and play.  And with no NAMM police, you can really crank it!!  Just make sure you’re not cranking, oh I don’t know, a Matchless Chieftain with an out of tune vintage Brian May guitar that sounds like someone is learning how to play in the key of Out of Freaking Tune!!!!!  Whew, I just had a vision of me being in Animal House smashing a vintage Brian May guitar instead of a cheap acoustic.
Check out Vintage Guitar magazine, they list all the guitar shows that are happening.  You’ll never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet.  Have a blast!!

Next time you’re in Dallas, go by and see my friends at Charley’s Guitar Shop.  Talk with Clay, Steven or Brian, they’ll treat you right.  And if you buy a guitar, they will give you something very special!  Just them Ben sent you and you want to know what the special is for buying a guitar.
HA HA!!!

Andy Timmons interviewAndy Timmons liveJohnny A with Xotic Robotalk 2Ruben VJohnny Hiland interviewJohnny Hiland live

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