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Nov 11th. 2011
A few years ago, Xotic Effects and Andy Timmons partnered to recreated the original BB to what is now know as the Andy Timmons signature model BB-AT. Selling a total of 2,000 of this model in less than 7 days, it was clear our original design was still sought after.
Borrowing from the compression selection of the AC-Comp, the Xotic Effects Custom Shop introduces the BBP-COMP. Users will have the ability to choose, standard compression (think current BB-PREAMP), more compression (Andy Timmons BB-AT) and no compression. The new BBP-COMP rolls two iconic pedals into one while taking it′s sound to a new level with a no compression option. Quite possibly the most musical and versatile distortion pedal to ever have been created. The new Xotic Effect Custom Shop BBP-COMP, uniquely created, legendary tone with swagger.

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May 17th. 2011
Xotic Effects began bringing the funk with the original Robotalk. A dynamic envelope filter with a wild and expressive arpeggiator, guitarist and basses alike were able to get their groove on making the funk happen.

Just a few years ago, we updated the Robotalk to the dual channel Robotalk 2. Voiced for a more musical envelope effect, each side was voiced differently and could be played independent of each other. You could also engage both channels for some added depth and amusement.

Our dedicated fans keep persisting we return the arpeggiator function as they stated this was one of the original Robotalk′s best and unique features.
After much R&D, the Xotic Effects Custom Shop has reengineered and revitalized the original Robotalk. Now in a compact size, we′ve improved its unique envelope filter tone. But we′ve also enhanced the arppegiator with more wonderfully strange and mesmerizing sounds.

But due to the complexity of the new Custom Shop Robotalk (RT1-RI), initial builds will be limited to only 240 units.
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Stereo X-Blender
May 10th. 2011
Xotic Effects Custom Shop is proud to bring you the new Stereo X-Blender(SXB-1). Since the release of the Xotic X-Blender, we have enjoyed five successful years of providing our users with the ability to keep their tone pure. Many musicians have made the X-Blender part of their own signature sound.

The SXB-1 is much like a mixing console, equipped with a very transparent buffer amplifier which allows feeding and mixing of effects without signal deterioration. This preserves the integrity and dynamics of the guitar signal.
Outfitted with three stereo loops, loops one & two act independently and utilize two separate blend controls for mixing the affected signal with the dry. These loops can be turned on or off. Loop three is a traditional loop that is always "on".

If you seek the ultimate tonal purity, you seek the new Xotic Stereo X-Blender!

The build time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.
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the XW-1 Xotic Wah!
Mar 17th. 2011
New from Xotic Custom Shop, the XW-1 Xotic Wah! The first wah of its kind to utilize true bypass relay switching, proven to be trouble free for many years of hard playing. The new XW-1 also has internal voicing controls, input gain & output gain control with output buffer that can be disengaged. We’ve also add a super bright LED that’s right on top for easy visibility.

Here are some additional specs on the XW-1’s unique qualities:
Internal Voicing Controls – a pair of 4-pole dip switches allows you to tailor the wah’s vocal qualities and bass response.
Input Gain Control – provides impedance matching so it can be used for other instruments like bass and keyboards.
Output Gain Control with Output Buffer – is great for using with vintage style effects like fuzz pedal. Can also supply up to +12db of boost without altering wah sound. Output Buffer can also be disengaged.

XW-1 will be available in fall 2011
Custom Shop X-Blender One by Three
Dec 29th. 2010
For ultimate sound purity, this blender has 3x sends and 3x stereo returns.
This one is painted in Aston Midnight Blue.
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