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description about Xotic

AC Booster

Super wide range control that makes you rethink the definition of “Booster”



MSRP $210


» Creates a warm and pleasant sound by using the finest quality parts available.

» The super wide range gain control allows for enough gain for it to work as a distorion pedal when turned all the way up.

» Equipped with not only boost Gain but also Treble and Bass controls that allow you to adjust your sound anyway you like.

» True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off. Can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery.


Tim Pierce
" AC Booster has a VERY natural tone! It sounds great no matter where you set the knobs!Best of all, it has none of that nasally `distortion pedal` sound!! "

Allen Hinds
" The A.C. booster pedal feels responsive and expressive under my fingers and at the same time is not too distorted or too buzzy. That is a rare combination. And with the R.C. in front of it, my strat with single coils is as thick as any humbucker. These pedals are the best I`ve ever used!! "

Eric Johnson
" The AC Booster is great! Very transparent and musical, really enjoying the tone I`m getting out of it. "

Chris Impellitteri
" The AC Booster is one of the most transparent units I have ever used. The tonality is very warm and musical. In addition, I can set the unit to boost the front end of my amp really hard which is great for my style of shredding.Perhaps the coolest thing about the AC Booster is that it is very responsive to my touch and pick attack. In fact, it tracks every note clearly and without resistance... So the response of the AC Booster is very fast...Great Job Xotic "


AC Booster PDF Manual Download (140KB)