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In the past, you've seen some pretty unique pedals from Xotic; chrome and copper versions and signature model pedals. We thought for 2010
we would again offer a few unique pedals to the market.

We'll be issuing a limited supply of new "glittered" RC, AC and BB for a limited time only. The pricing is the same as standard RC, AC and BB.
Here's the color schemes and quantity we made.

RC Booster - Silver Glitter: 650 pcs
AC Booster - Gold Glitter: 500 pcs
BB Pre Amp - Orange Glitter: 650 pcs

Total: 1,800pcs

We are virtually sold out!! Please contact your local dealer and make sure they have yours on order today!
You can find the Xotic dealers at the following link.

Dealer List: USA or International

Thank you!

Manufactured by

Xotic Effects

Distributed by

Prosound Communications Inc
14920 Calvert Street
Van Nuys, CA 91411 USA
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