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Bass BB Preamp

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MSRP $210


» The Bass BB Preamp distortion booster was designed to retain the original attack sound and tonal spectrums and produce a variety of gain structures for all bass players.

» Each of the two broadly-overlapping EQs offers 15dB of Boost or Cut.

» The gain knob offers pristine clean boost to a hard overdriven distortion which is very nice tone that stays firm, with great note separation and just the right amount of compression for a smooth overall texture.

» True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off. Can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery.


Bryan Beller
" I can`t tell you how many bass overdrive pedals I`ve tried, and as far as I`m concerned, the Bass BB Preamp is The One. It gives me just the right amount of natural grind and edge on the note for it to cut through a live mix or in the studio. I can also open it up and get a rich, thick, meaty overdrive when the occasion calls for it. Best of all, it feels totally natural and tube-like to finger and pick sensitivity, and that makes all the difference when you just want to close your eyes and play music without thinking about whether the tone is working - because that`s when I know it`s working for me, when I don`t even have to think about it. I recommend it to everyone who asks how I get such a killer live overdrive sound, and even to some who don`t ask or never thought to ask. It`s my pleasure and honor to endorse this awesome pedal! "

Sean Hurley
" The Bass BB Preamp is so musical. I can dial in the perfect amount of grit into my sound with the gain knob or just boost the signal of my vintage bass for a thicker tone. It is a must have for recording and live shows. I love this pedal! "

Joel Gottschalk
" Using Xotic's Bass BB Preamp and X-Blender combined help give me an unparalleled ability to find a sweet tonal balance between the BB's distortion and my amp's clean signal. Xotic is making high-quality effects that REAL bass players can use. "

Dahniel Knight
" The Xotic Bass BB Preamp pedal does everything that I want and and need it to do. I can get that overdrive without losing any of my tone from my amp. Its actually a part of my distinct sound. I also love that I can eq it depending on the stage that I am on. Once I turn it on .... It stays on! I never leave home without it! "