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Bass RC Booster

The best characteristic of this booster is to have no character at all.



MSRP $210


» Bass RC Booster with a 2 band EQ, 15dB boost / cut function and a very smooth clean boost, this pedal meets a wide range of tonal applications.

» With signal loss and EQ limitations common to vintage basses. The Bass RC Booster serves as the perfect remedy.

» It is designed to enhance your bass guitar tone without masking it..

» True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off. Can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery.


Patrick Andy
" Bass RC Booster is THE bass pedal I've been waiting for, it does exactly what it's supposed to do when I leave the EQ flat: boosting my bass without changing the tone, but of course I sometime change the EQ depending on the tone I am after. I like to push the "gain" when I wanna get that sweet little distortion I need for Rock tune. "

Flavio Romero
" I need different presets to play my music; acoustics sets for my upright bass or my acoustic bass, as well as processed sounds for my electric bass. In every situation, these Xotics & EWS pedals succeed in improving my tone without changing the instrument's original essence , giving me options that really enhance sound quality. (Xotic Robotalk2 & Bass RC Booster, EWS Trilogic Bass Preamp2) "

Melvin Lee Davis
" The Bass RC Booster and Tri-logic Bass Preamp are the cleanest effect pedals I`ve ever owned. pure quality and construction are important for the session & touring musician. Xotic has got it!!! "

Steve Millhouse
" I love this pedal so much I have two of them! It opens up my tone and gives me more clarity and flexibility with the warm sounding tone controls. It also enhances the natural dynamic range of the instrument. It's a musicality enhancement pedal! "