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BB Preamp
Andy Timmons Signature Model

BB preamp - Andy Timmons signature model


Andy Timmons Live DVD

The BBP-AT offers smoother, warmer and more compressed tone than the standard BB Preamp with richer even harmonics. Housed in a durable orange metallic paint, the tones are as beautiful as the pedal. However, not as beautiful Andy's signature sound. Order yours today, as quantities are limited.


The BB preamp - Andy Timmons signature model

MSRP $210

including Andy Timmons' "Live Resolution" DVD and Certification signed by Andy Timmons
Limited edition. Only 1,000 quantity will be made.

See our dealer page for USA and International dealers.

All of 1,000 pcs were sold out to the Xotic dealers!!
We will start shipping to the dealers all over the world in early May.

Combo Box

Xotic Partners With
Andy Timmons for Signature BB Preamp - Premier Guitar



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