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Purple or Blue

To celebrate EP-booster's 15 year anniversary, we have produced two special color versions, Metallic Blue and Metallic Purple, in 1,500 limited quantity each.

Which color would you choose? Or collect both?

All of EP-booster Limited Editions come with

Special Mounting Plate

Helps easily mount a EP-Booster on a pedal board.

It features:

  • Durable Powder Coated Metal Plate
  • Pre Drilled Screw Holes for Perfect Fit
  • Clearly Marked Labels
  • Comes with Both Color Models (Metallic Blue and Purple)

The EP Booster is the one pedal that never leaves my board!

David Grissom

The EP boost has been my number one “Leave On” pedal. It can be as transparent as you want, or with the switches, change the EQ curve to suit your liking. Congratulations to everyone at Xotic. Here’s to another 15!

Paul Jackson Jr.

The EP booster is the only pedal to consistently remain on my board for nearly a decade.

Alastair Green

Happy 15th Xotic. Come Showtime I never leave the house without ya!

Jeff Kollman

Once I discovered the ‘vintage setting’ on the EP Booster I was sold! Great one to keep as your ‘always on’ pedal.

Nalle Colt (Vintage Trouble)

My EP Booster has been a part of every rig I’ve had since it came out - it’s my always-on “tone thickener” in the front of the amp. I dial it all the way down, because even just its color helps round out so much of the tone. I truly can’t live without it!

Nili Brosh