Musicians' comments for Xotic effects.


"The RC Booster adds a pleasant fullness to my sound. With the EQ section, I can dial in clear highs, fat lows, and anything in between. It can give me slight tube-like break up or a transparent clean boost. Very nice! The BB Preamp is a great sounding overdrive pedal. The best that I've heard in a pedal. This unit produces sounds that are a warm and natural. I can get an array of sounds from it. It responds like a finely tuned boutique amp. Both the RC and BB have become staples in my pedal board. I have used these live and in the studio with stellar results. At times when I fly in for a show, I have to rely on the venues backline gear. My Xotic pedals allow me to have a consistent sound anywhere in any situation. Aloha Pemehana Xotic!!"


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