Robotalk was discontinued in Jan, 2007.
Look for new Robotalk to be released at NAMM show in Jan 2009.


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Developed and Manufactured by
Xotic Guitars & Effects

100% Hand Build with the finest quality parts for extraordinary durability and functionality. Two easily accessible foot switches give musicians freedom to choose at any moment of their performance and a shock resistant aluminium diecast enclosure ensures that it can operate even after the roughest gigs and travels.

100% analog circuit designed to capture the slightest nuance of sound, constructed with premium quality transistors, carefully selected and thoroughly tested by our engineers, provides musically and artistically satisfying sound.

Fully Adjustable Frequency Range for versatile use.
Three different functions in one package work with wide variety of musical instruments.FET Buffer Circuitry at the final stage gives high power output amplification to create a warm and natural overtone sound.

Robotalk has 4 versions!

(1) Robotalk(standard type for guitar): MSRP $280

(2) Robotalk w/Power Jacks(w/ 2 of 9VDC jacks for guitar):
MSRP $315

(3) Robotalk Bass (standard type for Bass): MSRP $280

(4) Robotalk Bass w/Power Jacks (w/ 2 of 9VDC jacks for Bass):
MSRP $315

We can upgrade Robotalk (standard type) to Power Jacks version at $50 plus shipping charge!

Robotalk needs two separated 9VDC! Click Here!

Watch our Reality Web Video to find out
what pro musicians are raving about our products.

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Random Arpeggiator
Envelope Filter


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Harmony Central has just posted info about Robotalk!!
Check it out here!

Repair & Warranty Information is HERE.

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