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MSRP $280


» The Robotalk2 sports two individual envelope filter channels. Each channel isindependently voiced and can be preset for different playing style; slow acoustic-like attack,percussive, high speed open-close and many more. Blend each channel together for additional tone or use the internal dip switch to customize your sounds appropriately. There's a switchable input pad for accommodating both active and passive signals.

» True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off. Can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery.


Dean Brown
" I changed it out the overdrive pedal I had been using for the AC Booster and immediately fell in love with the sound and flexibility of the pedal. The AC is now a part of my set-up. But, I really want to talk about the Robotalk 2. Envelope filter is an integral part of my sound palette and I`ve been using a "vintage" envelope filter for 30 years. I never thought anyone would make a better one than the one I have been using, but the guys at Xotic made two.... and put them in one pedal! The Robotalk 2 is by far the best filter pedal I`ve ever tried. It is so controllable and warm. I`m discovering new useable settings every time I turn it on. Kudos Xotic! "

Glenn Hughes
" Let's get straight to the point..the Robotalk 2 is "The Pedal" that gives me my Funk Mojo... "

Jauqo III-X
" Still diggin my Robotalk2 pedal. A modern Funk machine for sure! "

Kenny Greenberg
" The Robotalk2 is the ultimate envelope tool. When I need to add the funk, nothing does it better. "


Robotalk2 PDF Manual Download (140KB)