Karen Han and friends live at Luckman Fine Arts Complex

(November 5, 2005)

A mix of jazz, classical and Asian music featuring the erhu (Chinese violin) virtuoso Han performing with Hiroshima, Katherine Chiu (piano), USC String Quartet and Japanese musicians Missa Johnouchi (piano), Hideyo Takakuwa (flute) and Hideo Funamoto(percussion). (Images include rehearsal shot) Karen Han and friends. (by Hiroshi Mochizuki)

Karen Han (Erhu)
Hiroshima (Jazz Band)
Missa Johnouchi (Piano)
Hideyo Takakuwa (Flute)
Hideo Funamoto (Percussion)
Katherine Chiu (Piano)
USC String Quartet

Set List
1.Candle Flame Flickering Over Red Shadow
2.Birds Singing In The Mountain
3.Snow Bird
4.Marco Polo
7.When Winter Cries
8.Two Sisters
11.Nu Song 4 Karen
12.Red Plum Blossom Capriccio
13.Asian Wind

Karen Han Website

Hiroshima Website

Missa Johnouchi Webpage


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Photo by Hiroshi Mochizuki (Copyright 2005 Hiroshi Mochizuki)

Take a look at Hiroshi Mochizuki's works of art, "Shooting Stars".

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