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Original Xotic Cable (XGC-1) was developed with three strict requirements: sound should not be thin, sound should cut through and it should have minimal noise. We utilized spirally structure copper wire shielded with conductive vinyl and wrapped with an flexible outer coating. The result; an easy to handle cable providing superior sound with minimal noise. We used the gold standard of plugs, Switchcraft (straight #280, right-angle #226). Since most high-end guitars use Switchcraft jacks, matching the brand of plugs with jacks minimizes any electrical connection issues.

Ov. Dia=6.0mm
Insulation=0.565mm2 (AWG#20), 50/0.12 OFC
DC Resistance(Inner Conductor)=0.010Ω/ft (0.033Ω/m)
Main Shield=Spiral Style

XGC-1 Scott Henderson Signature Guitar Cable

XP-SH 4.5FT-SS(1.37m SS) $37
XP-SH 4.5FT-SL(1.37m SL) $44

XGC-1 Scott Henderson Signature Guitar Cable is here!

XGC-1 Series

[Guitar Cables]
XP-XS10FT-SS (3mSS) $40
XP-XS10FT-SL (3mSL) $45
XP-XS15FT-SS (4.6mSS) $47
XP-XS15FT-SL (4.6mSL) $52
XP-XS20FT-SS (6.1mSS) $52
XP-XS20FT-SL (6.1mSL) $57

[Patch Cables]
XP-XS0.5FT-SL (15cmSL) $31
XP-XS0.5FT-LL (15cmLL) $36
XP-XS1FT-SL (30cmSL) $32
XP-XS1FT-LL (30cmLL) $37

SS means Switchcraft #280 straight plug for both end.
SL means Switchcraft #280 for one end and #226 Right angle plug for the other end.
LL means Switchcraft Right Angle #226 for both ends.

Musicians' Comments

I did my whole pedal board with your Xotic cables and it sounds great! I love those cables- very clean and clear sound and it feels so much more secure than with the the other cables that I was using. Thanks again for an outstanding quality cable.

Michael Thompson


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